Welcome to Bird Lists!

Bird Lists is a new and easy way for you to keep track of your bird records. It is packed with great features and is free to get started.

Easy to use

Bird Lists mimics a paper-based bird list where you can flick through and tick the birds you've seen. With no need to add additional information you can be up and running in seconds.

Complete taxonomy

Bird Lists includes a complete list of birds based on the International Ornithologists' Union taxonomy. Regional lists are then compiled to provide you with localised names for all species.

List tracking

Fed up with having to add the same bird to multiple lists? With Bird Lists you can tell a list to keep tabs on another. For example, you can tell your World list to keep track of your UK Life list; whenever you tick something on your UK Life list it will automatically be added to your World list.

Backed up to the cloud

With our cloud-based system all your bird lists are automatically backed up and kept safe. You also have the benefit of being able to access your lists from any computer. With our easy-share button you can also send a link to your friends so they can check out your lists!


They are your bird lists and we believe you shouldn't be tied into a single piece of software. With our export functionality you can quickly download your lists into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Bird Lists is free, so why not head over and create an account.